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Ryan Adams & The Cardinals,
Jacksonville City Nights


Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - A Kiss Before I Go

We got this one last night in STL. Ready for night two in KC!

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Officially in love with Butch Walker.

I am dead, and Ryan is yet to come.

The week of music begins! Missouri bound for two nights of DRA and Butch, followed by a trip to Nashville for Wilco.

This was in the bag left at my doorstep by Dallas County Health and Human Services. I have no words.

So…anyone watching the Ebola news on TV today? My neighborhood is ground zero for the new case. My solution is to drink heavily and avoid the news crews.


Pretty pink vinyl


IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! Many thanks and much love for sharing some of your time & memories with us the past 10 years. “Rock ‘n roll, it saved my soul,” truly, so here’s to countless more memories and the next 10.

Our Anniversary Party with Allen Stone, Bad Rabbits, and Jared and the Mill is tonight. Tickets are available to purchase here. We’re gonna party like it’s my birthday.

Dear Granada,

I love you. Thank you for being a part of my life. Happy 10th birthday!


Granadagram(s) of the Week: Holy cow, War on Drugs, can we do this again? (via stethoskopes, jacobaleman, & renefloyd)